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"I'm always here as you are always there"


Curated by Patavee Viranuvat

14 - 30 August, 2020

The ShopHouse 1527 : MOD 1559


Projectionist ASIA represents

Charannatan Tanachoteporamat,

Rachaya Wattanasirichaigoon,

Lunar & Varalee Na Pombejr on their own presence.


Besides, it's a great honour having the work of Kineta Kunimatsu, Moe Nakase, Niam Surachai Mawornkanong, Thanachai Ujjin, and Prapamonton Eiamchan presenting together with the above artists.


* This exhibition is a part of "The Mountain of Light"

a feature film project directed by Patavee Viranuvat


* The Project "NOW NORMAL" was initiated by The ShopHouse 1527 during pandemic period



Friday 14 August, 2020 - Sunday 30 August, 2020



19.00 HRS onwards (only Friday 14 August, 2020) the rest is from 13.00 - 18.00 hrs (Time might be different regarding the situation & so please kindly contact the space or curator before you visit)



* The Shophouse 1527

* MOD 1559



Simple & Tender



Free Entry with registration (Open to public)


Supported by

The Shophouse 1527

MOD 1559

Labyrinth Cafe

Cloud Floor

Projectionist ASIA

Season Maniac

Alternative Universe


Further Information about art work and artists


Tel: 092-6656436 (+66926656436)



The ShopHouse 1527

Cloud Floor

Khun Fuse

Khun Joe

LabyRinth Cafe

Khun Yim

Khun Fay

Khun Dej

(* Full Credit will be updated before 30 August, 2020)




Woody Allen said "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." - I found this on someone Instagram tonight after been running around with family on the latest mother day. Many people ask me...


"What is it about?" - "... I don't know" I mean, I know but I really don't know how to answer them. If I do, I wouldn't have to make this all happened. I would just tell them everything I have in mind and how I feel.


I think I'm just trying to find the way to get closer to some sort of feelings that I couldn't reach in real life. Somewhere very dark and silent. You really have to be brave enough to walk there - alone.


That is what I might be able to reach in art - maybe. The magic allows you to unlock the door you never open or it never opens for you.


Personally, I never study art and I don't know anything about it. In reality, we communicate by talking, writing, or whatever we do but in "my case" I want to secretly communicate with something or someone nobody knows - because they just don't know doesn't mean that they don't understand. I have gone through so many losses during the past 38 years of life - it is just the fact that you have to admit that it is so real.


That person is a part of me and my life which I can't forget. Yes, it once happened and gone - very quickly and too quick that I could even spend enough time to feel what it was.


The sentence hit my head sometimes ago, I don't know when but it just came to me as something I could recall. Some people know what happened to me and my life but some don't - of course I can't tell everybody everything in life and I think I won't. I think it works the same way with everyone of us though.


Sometimes I'm staring at my parents and curious how they could handle what come in life but that's a huge lesson I've been learning from my father. My father used to have a lot of friends - I mean really 'a lot'. But god just keeps taking something away from you. He knows how much you want it that's why he takes it away... and let you be there on your own journey to prove how much you believe in it and how much it means to you.






In the 'film' I have been writing for ten or even more than ten years, it started with the relationship and I used to call it 'love' but "come on!" I didn't even know what it was when I talked about it ten or twenty years ago.


"The Mountain of Light" sounds like the title of the film.. In fact it is the name of my son 'Phukin'.


'THE MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT' with the 'EXTINCT PLANT' as they are a part of each other. Well, I think they are one.. but no one knows that secret until I found it one day when I had to live in the snow mountain for half year where everything was hibernating, frozen - without life. In fact, they are all living but nobody sees. I found the relationship between the silence, the darkness, and solitude.


"I'm always here as you are always there !" said the mountain, to the plant.. Unfortunately, not a living plant. The plant has no leafs but he got the soul.






"I'm always here as you are always there" is the 3rd Exhibition after the great loss..


"Ways of Light" February and "Another Side of Darkness" November last year (2019)


You can't share with anyone - I mean anyone in an entire universe.


So this exhibition could be another whisper I try to tell someone about the reconfirmation of love and realisation of his existence that the person is really there until the end of time.


Thank you for your very kind moment that you share with me and everyone of us who has gone through pain and loss in any part of life - until we fall apart.


Patavee Viranuvat

14 August, 2020

Opening Ceremony

14 August 2020

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