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おふくろに乾杯 "Ofukuronikanpai" kicked off Season Maniac in mid 2010 with the support of Japan Foundation

More Info. about the project

More Info. about Japan Foundation JENESYS Program


Original Title: おふくろに乾杯 English Title: Ofukuronikanpai Thai Title: “แม่ครับ..หมดแก้ว”

Executive Producer: Japan Foundation Tokyo, Japan Foundation Bangkok, Arunee Poonsawat Producer: Patavee Viranuvat Co-Producer: Tongpong Chantarangkul Director: Patavee Viranuvat Cinematographer: Patavee Viranuvat

Shooting Location: Japan (Sapporo, Thailand) Shooting Format: Digital HD Length: 60 Minutes Genre: Documentary

“おふくろに乾杯”、これはプロジェクトと呼ぶには大げさだが、お酒を 飲み交わし、グラスを鳴らすときの表現である。過去18年ほどに渡り、父に対して抱いてきた問題の陰に隠れて気づかな かった母のための乾杯。 常に父のことは意識していたが、母については何も考えていなかった。父 との間に問題を抱え過ぎ、母との関係については何ら問題ないと誤解して いた。だから、母とは一度も一緒に来たことがないここ日本で、母を探る 制作を考えた。母を見つけられるかどうか分からないが、挑戦してみたい。 おふくろに乾杯 ( OFUKURONIKANPAI ) is not a project, but it’s just a sentence when we’re drinking & hitting the glass. I drink it for my mother who has been left behind the problems I think I have with my father over the last 18 years. I always think about my father, but never think about my mother. I think about the problem I have with my father too much and misperceive that I don’t have problems with my mother. So I turned the plan to seek for my mother here in Japan where I never come with her. I don’t know if I can find her or not, but I’ll try.

The visit of Zenibako

JENESYS Programme: Invitation Programme for Creators (2009/2010 Invitees)

This programme aims to invite 20 young and emerging artists, designers, and people in the creative field from 13 Asia Pacific countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Australia, New Zealand) every year, to stay in different residency programs and institutions across Japan. The Japan Foundation will support their process of producing works and/or developing networks with their peers in Japan, in order to seek new forms of exchange and foster mutual understanding.

  • *This programme, administered by the Japan Foundation, is part of the JENESYS Programme (Japan - East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths)

Photo Credit: (Coming) At 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (2010)

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