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CONTEMP[lative] DANCE with Alan Watts - by Sasapin Siriwanij

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

For WhaT theatre in collaboration with Slure สลัว, Projectionist Asia, and Alternative Universe


"C O N T E M P lative D A N C E with Alan Watts"

A solo dance by Sasapin Siriwanij with Alan Watts' "Uncarved Block" lecture.

An invitation to t r a v e l within the present moment. A s p a c e for calm and simple. A break from life's n o i s e .

Sasapin Siriwanij will perform the result(s) of her meditative engagement with Alan Watts’ audio lecture titled “Uncarved Block”. The lecture explores various keywords in Japanese art through which Zen and Tao philosophies manifest.

with costume material by Prontip Mankong from “Seeking Permission” exhibition (2018).

WED 20th, THU 21st, and FRI 22nd March, 2019. at 20:00 hrs @ Antigravity, 2nd Floor of SLURE (Opposite to Charoenkrung 57)


Featured on Bangkok Post:

Published on 14 March 2020

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