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Press Report & Summary

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

(More Info coming soon*)

Tech Start-Up (Alternative Universe Co., Ltd.)

Techsauce World Global Summit 2020

Creative Space



AFA 2008 (Asian Film Academy : Director)

Produire-au-sud (3 Contents Film Festival, France)

Produire-au-sud (blog)

Variety (Credit : "Yamato (California)" a film by Daisuke Miyazaki).

Cineasie (DSIFF : Doi Saket International Film Festival 2010)

Thai Film Journal (DSIFF : Doi Saket International Film Festival 2010)

E Talenta (Project in France) The grass is not greener on the other side

Sapporo Artist in Residence (S-AIR)

3331 Arts Chiyoda (Tokyo, Japan)

"Firelight" by Matthew Clayfield

"Nice to meet you" by Tossapol Boonsinsukh

Contemporary Arts:

Bangkok Post "I'm Always Here As You Are Always There"

Japan Foundation

Baanlaesuan บ้านและสวน

Art Tourist Thai

The ShopHouse1527

French Highlights (Ways of Light : Slure Project)

Running Time (Gallery Seescape)

Running Time

Madifesto (ChiangMai)

Messy Sky


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