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"Another side of Darkness"

An Atmospheric Illumination Experience

"Another side of Darkness"

An Atmospheric Illumination Experience

Curated by Slure Project

in collaboration with Awakening Bangkok 2019

15-24 November 2019

Collaborative Artists

Rapatchanun Cochaputsu

Sivaroj Kongsakul

Tossapol Boonsinsukh

Artist's Statement: 

The unconscious mind is the unknown in the shadow like an ocean of thoughts, memories, and dreams, all connected through a web of time. Once in a while we travel into the obscure place. During the journey there are spaces in between where we experience darkness and stillness, yet we move freely.

In this space lies all possibilities. The silence is always there before things are illuminated. This tempo of darkness and light becomes a rhythm in our consciousness. When we arrive at a place where light is reflected we begin to make sense of the experience through emotions and thoughts.

We must ask ourselves why we tend to look away from darkness?

Are we afraid of what we might see?

Different parts of the installation perform as triggers for imagination, memories, and emotions rather than providing fixed answers. The play of lighting, shadow, and color designs work in subtle ways and allow the subjects to be involved with more depth. Another Side of Darkness becomes a metaphor of the ‘Home’ or the ‘Self.’ Each individual is given a torch to explore and interact to make meanings of the experience for themselves. A torch has always been significant in human society as a mean of illumination. Human are drawn to light as a part of our survival instinct and the innate desire to evolve.

To shine light on something is to have the knowledge, and the knowledge drives away fear. The torch becomes a symbol of hope and the seeking of the awakening of the human consciousness. Darkness and light give meaning to one another.

To know light you must know darkness.

To know yourself you must explore the shadow within you and bring it to light.

Rapatchanun Cochaputsu & Kaenipa Phanakorn



Rapatchanun Cochaputsu

Director of Photography


Rapatchanun graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, and works as a professional Director of Photography and Photographer. He has a passion for crafting visual storytelling and attention to details. His skills are versatile in fields of advertising and film. Rapatchanun’s extensive list of clients include leading brands such as Nike, Seiko, Honda, Toyota, Unilever Global, Colgate, Samsung, Oppo, Johnnie Walker. Amongst his many notable achievements, Rapatchanun has received Best Cinematography Awards from Berlin Fashion Film Festivals.


His cinematography for fashion films has been well received internationally at the Berlin and Milan festival circuit. In 2014, he co-founded the production and branding studio, Wise Lama, where he is a creative director and director of photography. Rapatchanun teaches cinematography at Mahidol International College, one of the highest ranking universities in Thailand. He has also been involved as a mentor and project supervisor in leading filmmaking workshops in Asia such as ASEAN-ROK Films Leaders Incubator and Next New Wave Filmmaking Workshop.


Another Side of Darkness: Special Film Screening

Slure Project is very proud to have this opportunity to run a very special film screening during Another Side of Darkness during the last 2 days (Saturday 23 November and Sunday 24 November 2019). Thank you so much to both Film Directors Sivaroj Karn Kongsakul and Rasiguet Sookkarn and Producers, Casts, and Crews to create such beautiful magic in Cinema.
Note: Both films are in Thai with English Subtitles. 



Film Title: Endlessly

Screenwriter: Sivaroj Kongsakul

Director: Sivaroj Kongsakul

Producer: Wanlop Rungkumjad

First Release: Thailand (2014)

Country of Production: Thailand

Running Time: 31.27 Mins


Film Title: 5 - 9
Screenwriter: Rasiguet Sookkarn
Director: Rasiguet Sookkarn
Producer: Daisuke Miyazaki, Tay Bee Pin
First Release: Taiwan 2015 (Taiwan)
Country of Production: Thailand

(Co-Production with Japan and Taiwan)
Running Time: 26.30 Mins

Screening Date: Saturday 23 November 2019


19.30 - 20.00 HRS : Endlessly

22.00 - 22.30 HRS : 5 - 9

Screening Date: Sunday 24 November, 2019

20.00 - 20.30 HRS : 5 - 9
20.30 - 21.00 HRS : Endlessly



Sivaroj Kongsakul

Film Director of "Endlessly"


Sivaroj Kongsakul Started his career as an assistant director for Aditya Assarat, Wisit Sasanatieng, Penek Ratanarunang on many of their short films, television commercials and music videos.

Since 2002, he has directed 10 short films including “Always” and “Silencio” which were both invited to the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival where they won awards.

2010 he directed his debut feature “Eternity” which was supported by the Hubert Bals Fund, Pusan’s Asian Cinema Fund, Ministry of Culture, Thailand.

2011 he attended the 22nd edition of the Cannes Cinefoundation Residency in Paris to develop his second feature film project “Arunkarn”. Supported by Festival de Cannes.

2012 he directed Korean remake series “Autumn in my Heart” and series “Devil Lover” which shot in Kitakyushu, Japan 2015.

2015, he was the director invited to be a part of the “Distance” an omnibus film, which world premiere at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. Chen Bolin is the lead actor in all three segment with three directors (Thailand, China, Singapore). Screened in theaters around China.

2017-2018, “Arunkarn” his second feature film was supported by the Hubert Bals Fund in script development, Seafic Lab, Ministry of Culture and La Fabrique supported by Institute Francais & Festival de Cannes.

2019 he directed 2 series on project “Sleepless Society” (Nyctophobia & Two pillows) by GMM STUDIOS screen on one31 channel in Thailand & Rerun in Netflix.

Previous Works

"ETERNITY"  / 2010

Series “Autumn in my heart” / 2012

“Endlessly” Short Film / 2014

"DISTANCE" / 2015

Series “Devil Lover” / 2015

Series “Nyctophobia”  / 2019


Rasiguet Sookkarn

"5 - 9"
Director’s statement

I always think of possibilities, if someone would think of his freedom, what would he do to achieve that? or If many fatal political clashes in Thai history were to judge in every possible angle with freedom of speech, how would Thailand be now?

It’s always difficult to predict the future but such medium as a movie, we as a filmmaker can demonstrate some of the possibilities that would happen if... and that reflects our limited choice as a people in the country.

© Scene from the movie 5 to 9
5 to 9 comprises four short films that transpire across 5pm to 9am on the evening of the historic Brazil-Germany match at World Cup 2014, spanning intimate vignettes of unrequited love and final meetings. In China, a young migrant worker has saved 3,000 RMB to finally spend a night with a middle-aged prostitute, but she plans to leave the city the same night instead. In Singapore, a local teacher and his paramour from China are out for a rendezvous, submitting the fate of their future to the result of the football match. The Japanese counterpart centres on a porno-projectionist collecting debts from the punks for the poor. The film concludes in Thailand with the filming of the last scene of a sci-fi movie. Behind the camera, the director is suspicious of his leading actor and the actress who is also his wife.

Rasiguet Sookkarn was born in Bangkok, Thailand. After graduated from architecture school, he started as an art director for several commercials and paved his way through a production designer for many awarded feature films such as "Eternity" (2010) directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul (Tiger Awards, Rotterdam Film Festival), "P-047" (2011) directed by Kongdej Jaturanrassamee (Venice Film Festival), "Tang-Wong" (2012) directed by Kongdej Jaturanrassamee (Berlin Film Festival), "36" (2012) directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit (New Currents Award, FIPRESCI Awards, Pusan Film Festival) and "Mary is happy, Mary is happy." (2013) directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit (Venice Biennale Collage).

Rasiguet received awards for his designs in his homeland and was selected to the Berlinale Talents 2014. He also directed MVs for indie bands in Thailand and co-directed an omnibus film with his berlinale colleagues in 5to9 (2015).



Photo credit: Perada Plitponkarnpim

IMG_7840 (1).jpg

ทศพล บุญสินสุข เขียนผ่าน นนทพัทธ์ บุญสินสุข

นนทพัทธ์ บุญสินสุข เขียนผ่าน ทศพล บุญสินสุข

Contemporary Artist 


ลูกและช่วงเวลาที่มีให้กัน ทำให้เราได้ทบทวนเกี่ยวกับอดีตของตัวเอง ความเป็นมาจนเป็นตัวเราในวันนี้ เหมือนแสงของดวงอาทิตย์ที่โผล่พ้นขอบฟ้า ไล่ผ่านพื้นที่ต่างๆในใจเรา ค่อยๆให้เห็นทุกอย่างชัดเจน ก่อให้เกิดการตั้งคำถาม การเปลี่ยนแปลงในตัวเองมากมาย ก่อนนี้ เคยคิดแต่ว่าลูกๆโตขึ้นอยู่ฝ่ายเดียว แท้จริงแล้วเราเติบโตไปพร้อมๆกัน ทุกๆวันในความสัมพันธ์


Suthiwararam Concert & Marching Band

Collaboration Performance

Program on 15 November 2019:

Set 1
1. พระราชนิพนธ์แสงเดือน
2. Imagine 
3. ออเจ้า
+ Level 1 Session:

4. Andante in G / F. Schubert (Flute Solo)

5. Spring / Vivaldi (Duet Flute, Clarinet)

Set 2
1. I do it for You
2. Colors of the wind
3. ชีพจรลงเท้า
+ Level 2 Session:

4. ลาวเดือนดวงเดือน (Clarinet Solo)

5. พรน.ดวงใจกับความรัก (Brass Quintet)

Set 3
1. Khamen sai yoke
2. Endless love
+ Level 3 Session:

3. Blue Bells of Scotland (Euphonium)
4. My way

Program on 23 November 2019:​

Set 1
1. One Moment in Time
2. Heal the World
3. แสงเดือน

4. Subaru
+ Level 1 Session:

Set 2
1. ชีพจรลงเท้า
2. ต้นวรเชษฐ
3. รางวัลแด่คนช่างฝัน
+ Level 2 Session:

Set 3
1. My Way
2. I do it for You

3. Rock around the clock
+ Level 3 Session:
4. Pepito

Thitaphat Kanoksaksopon / อ.ฐิตพัฒน์ กนกศักดิ์โสภณ 

Soraphot Worasaeng / อ.สรพจน์ วรแสง 

Apichid Manidsorasak / อ.อภิชิต มานิตศรศักดิ์
Teerapong Supmool / อ.ธีรพงษ์ ทรัพย์มูล
Phithak Somphakdee / อ.พิทักษ์ สมภักดี
Akkhawin Lertsodsai / อ.อัครวิญญ์ เลิศสดใส
Nutdanai Karuhardsuwarn / อ.ณัฐดนัย คฤหาสน์สุวรรณ

Patumwan Piensub / ปทุมวัน เพียรทรัพย์
Kraiwit Chaiseema / ไกรวิชญ์ ไชยสีมา
Nattanant Saengpattanankornkit / ณัฐนันท์ แสงพัฒนากรกิจ
Pawaris Ariyakonsophon / ปวริศ อริยากรโสภณ

Pakphoom Jenjessada / นาย ภัคร์ภูมิ เจนเจษฎา

Piyapong Kaewpaet / ปิยะพงษ์ แก้วแพทย์
Thaworn Sriwichai / ถาวร ศรีวิชัย
Arnan Thephussadin na ayutthaya / อานันท์ เทพหัสดิน ณ อยุธยา

Nathakorn Boonyathanasiri / ณธกร บุณยธนาศิริ
Piyapoom lesloykal / นายปิยภูมิ เลิศลอยแก้ว
Jadsadaporn mongkhonkhun / เจษฎาพร มงคลคูณ
Napat Wanlanon / ณภัทร วัลลานนท์

Sitthichok Jomprasit / สิทธิโชค จอมประสิทธิ์
Phuchita Subsermsin / ภูชิตะ ทรัพย์เสริมสิน

Kasidit Saiyasombut / กษิดิศ ไสยสมบัติ
Kritsada Chittsawaeng / กฤษฎา จิตต์แสวง
Poramet Khanthak / ปรเมศ คัณทักษ์

Methabut Chaibang / เมธาบุตร ไชยบัง

Pitan​ Pravaree / พิธาร  ประวารี

Rungtham Prathumwini / รุ่งธรรม ประทุมวินิจ
Chawakrit Kerdmat / ชวกฤช เกิดมาตร

Thanakorn Srangsukdee / ธนกร สร้างสุขดี
Garan Chantarpirumsuk / การันต์ ฉันทาภิรมย์สุข
Phat traipornpattana / ภัฏ ไตรพรพัฒนา


Traditional Thai Music Band from Satri Si Suriyothai School

วงดนตรีไทย โรงเรียนสตรีศรีสุริโยทัย

Collaboration Performance

Program on 23 November 2019:

Musicians / รายชื่อนักดนตรี

1. Keetapat limsakul / น.ส.คีตภัทร ลิ้มสกุล (ขิม)
2. Virinyupa  Prabpal / ด.ญ.วิรินยุพา ปราบพาล (ซออู้)
3. Thanissara Donghing / น.ส.ธนิสรา ดงหิ่ง (ขลุ่ยเพียงออ)
4. Sutthida Kaewkhamma / น.ส.สุทธิดา แก้วคำมา (โทน,รำมะนา)
5. Punika Singbumrung / ด.ญ.ปุณิกา สิงห์บำรุง (ฉิ่ง)


1. ครูกรรณิกา ไผทฉันท์ (ผู้อำนวยการโรงเรียนสตรีศรีสุริโยทัย)
2. ครูวไลลักษณ์ ดิษพึ่ง (หัวหน้ากลุ่มสาระการเรียนรู้ศิลปะ)

3. Thanat Wattanavanich / นายธนัท วัฒนาวณิช (ครูผู้ดูแล)



Existing Collection at Slure Art Space
Management by Projectionist ASIA

Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Niam Surachai Mawornkanong
Kanoon Tanachoteporamat
Rachaya Wattanasirichaigoon
Kornkrit Jianpinidnan
Thanachai Ujjin
Prabda Yoon
Manabu Koga
Kineta Kunimatsu
Tomoko Kori
Moe Nakase
Tae Pavit
Pornthep Chitpong
Darisa Riety Karnpoj
Miti Ruangkritya
Nim Kruasaen
Thee Chaiyadej
Charif Lona
Tirawat Sangphueng
Chayaponn Maneesutham
Kawintra Wongsawasdi
Prapamonton Eiamchan

Slure Team

Project Director: Patavee Viranuvat

Architect Designer: Win Rojanastien

Head of Design Department: Rachaya Wattanasirichaigoon

Brand Executive: Patcharawan Chamnankit

Head of F&B: Tiravee Tiyathanakulyotin

F&B Assistant: Nan May Oo (P’Som-O)

Supanut Olanthana 

Leena Chumnumphant 

Nattawoot Phookpanich

Nawaphat Permpratamkul 


1. Anek Srirattanaphan / เอนก ศรีรัตน์พันธ์
2. Samrit Ngamlert / สัมฤทธิ์ งามเลิศ
3. Phonchana Chotsawai / พลชนะ โชติไสว
4. Attapon Thongon / อรรถพล ทองอ่อน

Volunteer Team 

1. Chitchaya Ularnwong / ชิชญา อุฬารวงศ์

2. Poonyavee Limnithithum / ปุณญาวีร์ ลิ้มนิธิธรรม

3. Patcharaporn Nuchbusaba / พัชรพร นุชบุษบา

4. Pornpailin Waenthongkham / พรไพลิน แหวนทองคำ

5. Kanyarat Saowaneeyakorn / กัลยรัตน์ เสาวนียากร

6. Chitiphat Chatchawan / ชิติพัทธ์ ชัชวาลย์

7. Panchewa Supawatvorakul / ปานชีวา ศุภวัตรวรคุณ

8. Sirinda Ongsritrakul  / สิรินดา องค์ศรีตระกูล

9. Vilin Pipatnadda / วิลิน พิพัฒน์นัดดา

10. Chamil Chuairod / ชามิล ช่วยรอด

11. Naphat Thuengsukwong / นภัส ถึงสุขวงษ์



Special thanks

All Artists 

Pithai Smithsuth (VS Service)  

Kaenipa Phanakorn

Potchara Chaiareekij

Thita Tunlayadechanont

Tey Ver Gallery 

Ink's dad ​

Soros Sukhum

Perada Plitponkarnpim

Yoko Sakamoto

Parin Songkuntae

Patcharida Sricome / พัชริดา ศรีคำ

ณภัทร ยศยิ่งยง (คณบดีคณะเทคโนโลยีคหกรรมศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีราชมงคลกรุงเทพ (พระนครใต้) / Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep, South Bangkok Campus)

Work in Progress

Sketch from Slure's Curatorial Team

"Share your thoughts"

Messages on the Wall

"Say something to your past-self"

Message in a Bottle