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Established in Tokyo 2015 by Patavee Viranuvat 


Projectionist ASIA is a contemporary Art & Culture Management, Co-Financing platform focusing in Asia. Our inspiration is from people & our passion is in Contemporary Design, Art, Culture, Cinema, Music, Literature. 


Our aim is to establish a strong foundation for young Designers, Artists, Authors, in Asia. With the believe in the future of Asian Culture, our team is flexible to all experimental & creative projects. We are interested in new project development and seeking for potential partners in Asia and around the globe. 

Projectionist ASIA (PA) is one of the most important pillars of 'ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE Co., Ltd.' an International Social Infrastructure Development Company based in Sathorn, Bangkok. 


Founded by Patavee Viranuvat, Co-Founder & CEO of Alternative Universe Co., Ltd. together with other investors, collectors throughout Asia and Europe, Projectionist ASIA in its early years has been supporting and encouraging Cinematic Arts & Visual Arts projects in Asia including Art Projects, Artists, Art Events, Cinema Events. 


The aim is to "Discover & Encourage" an emerging talents which inspired from Mr. Kim Ji-seok' and many other who sacrifice their life for what they believe. 


"40 years ago, my father worked as a projectionist in a small town of Thailand. He screened many films from India, Hong Kong, including Thai Films along the coast through the east of the country. He didn’t tell me much about the details because we didn’t actually talk much especially about films. But every time he talked about this, I can see everything in his eyes; the print, the projector, those seats, the audiences. I never asked him the reason why he started the business,  but he mentioned a bit about the reason why he stopped. He told me he couldn’t make any money by screening the film. After each film finished, he didn’t have anything left except the film and poster. Everyone went back home, except him packing everything up alone in the theatre. After a while, our house was on fire, and everything was completely gone including those films and posters.


To some people, the magic might have already gone. I hardly found it too ! The magic, in fact, is really gone when we grow up I think. We stop falling in love and falling into the reality instead. But when we die, we can’t bring anything with us. Yet we can leave, at least a word.


To me, Cinema these days is like old people. They are certainly dying, slowly. 


Most of people don’t like old people because they are not fun or even boring. I also think old people are not fun, but being with them I feel very peaceful, or even found the answer to live longer. Sometimes I got a goose bump and my tears come out. Listening to old people’s stories sometimes is hard to understand but I always feel the strange vibration somewhere inside my body. I don’t know if that vibration actually happened in my heart or not, but many people told me they can see it in my eyes."


Patavee Viranuvat

June, 2013

Gwangju, South Korea 

  • Local & Regional Film Production Service

  • Co-Financing Platform (In Development)  

  • Global Creative Contents Distribution

  • IPM (Intellectual Property Management) 

  • AIR Program 


The Management Team is composed of various experts in different fields yet have a mutual interest in Design and Culture Development. With a strong and long term partnership system we have, our initial co-investor is in New York and we have our partners both private & government throughout all major hubs in Asia & Europe like Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Bangkok, Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Siem Reap, Vientiane, Naypyidaw, Paris, Venice, Berlin, Rotterdam, Trouville, London, etc.

Wo have we supported : 
Cinema Project 
 * Someone from Nowhere 
    Directected by Prabda Yoon
 * '10 Years Thailand'
 * 'I dreamt of you' directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul  
    (Prelude Film for Louis Vuitton) 

Contemporary Art ( As a collection ) 
* Somluk Pantiboon  
* Surachai Mawormkanong (Niam) 

Somluk Pantiboon ...
* Veerapon Nitiprapha 
Veeraporn Nitiprapha 

Space : 
* Gravity Force
* Slure Project
* NgaoSwang 
* Palam Palam Museum 
* Palam Palam Tamagno


Contact Information 

Projectionist ASIA 
UNIT 306 Piya Place Tonson 
Bangkok, Thailand 

Tel: 093-6949644 (+66) 

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