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Alternative Space for Unlimited Exploration


A Community Prototype Space of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Project

via Social Infrastructure Development in Thailand

Project Management by:

  • Projectionist ASIA (Arts & Culture Section)

  • Season Maniac (Social Infrastructure Development - Global Collaboration & Investment)

Project Investment by Alternative Universe Co., Ltd.

Project Director: Patavee Viranuvat

Project Architect: Win Rojanastien

Sketch Designed by Rachaya Wattanasirichaigoon


“The most comfortable

temperature for your eyes”


/ สลัว / blurry, dimly lit atmosphere.

A small space hidden in the Charoenkrung neighborhood, where we wish every nice moment could be shared here altogether. Looking at the world before us, everything seems so vague - still, we search, with the belief that true aesthetic might not be seen via the sharpness.

Questions and thoughts of possibilities lead to the creation of the  project - as an alternative space for exploration and experiments.  



/ ปะแล่ม ปะแล่ม / sweet-ish /

Where the community meets over a cup of coffee and conversations begin over comforting dishes.

Focusing on local and oriental ingredients, our pleasure is to serve the most genuine taste - as easing as being home.

Elements in the space are casually, but intently, arranged for the flow; allowing interaction to happen.

Coming in as strangers, leaving as friends.



/ เงาสว่าง / bright shadows /

‘Antigravity Space’ - a multifunctional studio for music, events, photography, exhibitions - limitless-ly, any possible purpose.

The Space is an awaiting blank canvas for ‘Shadows’, the subconciousness, to be casted on; brightly shared with the community.

The floor also houses ‘Slure Art Space’ and ‘Slure Private Library’ to be its core pillars to archive unique collection of art and books.



/ แสงสลัว / dimly lit, hazy light /

The name is given to express the warmth and humbleness of the Private Residence - consisting of: The River, The Sky, The City, and The Moon. Private and homey, each room has its unique space connecting with elements of nature and the neighborhood of Charoenkrung. The residence gratefully welcomes every nice explorer friend; seeking ‘home’ in this chaotic city of Bangkok.


Work in Progress Sketches

by Win Rojanastien - Slure's Architect

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