ปะแล่ม, ปะแล่ม ๆ

คำวิเศษณ์ อ่อน ๆ, น้อย ๆ, ใช้แก่สิ่งที่มีรสหวาน.

[adj.] slightly sweet

Seeking the hidden sweetness in the nature, ‘Palam Palam’ offers the pleasure of enjoying the right taste your life needs.

Palam Palam's Namecard - August 2020 Edition

‘Palam Palam’

is the words, in the story told over and over, used to describe the nostalgic taste a young boy, 60 years ago, could best afford thetaste out of a leftover sugarcane.

The name honors all sweetness one could sense in a day, no matter how slight it is - sweetness is hope to be alive.


/ ปะแล่ม ปะแล่ม / sweet-ish /

1st Branch & Headquaters at Slure Project

Where the community meets over a cup of coffee and conversations begin over comforting dishes.

Focusing on local and oriental ingredients, our pleasure is to serve the most genuine taste - as easing as being home.

Elements in the space are casually, but intently, arranged for the flow; allowing interaction to happen.

Coming in as strangers, leaving as friends.

"Say-hi Slure"

Members of our Community!

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