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"Ways of Light" - Galleries' Night '19

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

"Ways of Light" reminds us of how fast the light is, how it is related to time, and it is not permanent.

“ทางของแสง” เตือนพวกเราให้ไม่หลงลืมความเร็วแห่งแสง ความสัมพันธ์ของแสงที่ว่าต่อกาลเวลา และการที่มันไม่ได้คงอยู่ตลอดไป

Slure Art Space (SAS) by Projectionist ASIA presents "Ways of Light"

1 February 2019

Thank you K.Jiff & P'Koon for being a part of our opening on the 1st of February, 2019.

Thank you to the wonderful crew!


SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR Chaiplerk Bhatanadamrongchit (ชัยพฤกษ์ พัฒน์ดำรงจิตร) Korakot Somin (กรกต สมอินทร์)

Private Book Collection Prabda Yoon (ปราบดา หยุ่น)

Set Decorative Artist Prapamonton Eiamchan (ประภามณฑล เอี่ยมจันทร์)

Flower Installation Artist Kittitorn Kasemkitwatana (กิตติธร เกษมกิจวัฒนา)

Photography Artist Arpa Poonsriratt (อาภา พูนศรีรัตน์)

Photography Artist Tirawat Sangphueng (ธีรวัฒน์ แสงผึ้ง)

Photography Artist Ponpimon Kaokon (พรพิมล เค้าโคน)

Photography Artist Pattaramon Jittachotisak (ภัทรมน จิตตโชติศักดิ์)

Illustrator Artist Pasamon Supajareerak (พรรษมนต์ ศุภจารีรักษ์)

Book Artist Tossapol Boonsinsukh (ทศพล บุญสินสุข)

Model Artist Preuksapa Chulapan (พฤกษภา จุฬาพันธุ์)

Model Artist Miinpat Ngamkerdteerasee (มิญช์ภัส งามเกิดธีรสีห์)

Master of Ceremony Sasapin Siriwanij (ศศพินทุ์ ศิริวาณิชย์)


Palam Palam : Sense of Oriental Sweet

Supatra Pansatit (Pat)

Natakarn Thaweetanapasit (Mook)

Guest Bartender: Patarabhordin Yoopanonda (Boss)


Slure Project Set Up Team from Department of Architecture Chulalongkorn University Pasamon Supajareerak Ponpimon Kaokon Yanin Thunkijjanukij Natthida Suepakdee Pakorn Sirisoontornluk Sirapob Treenuchakorn putana chanchai Supachot Mahabunthu

------------------------------------------------------------- Slure Art Space Volunteer Team (Organized by French Embassy) Pasamon Supajareerak Chalisa Wittayaphalert Eitsaraporn Poolsawas Kodchakorn Supsomboon Methakool Chaban Piyanuch Sansumpankul Apisara Polprasitt Chanapha Sawatdee Thanittha Nontapa


For Galleries' Night: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Amazing Thailand, Bacc หอศิลปวัฒนธรรมแห่งกรุงเทพมหานคร

Sponsors (For Galleries' Night) ThaiBev Bangkok Art Biennale Perrier Bangkok Bank KASIKORN BANK Jim Thompson Dextra Group Sony

Media Partners (For Galleries' Night): Pimclick Creative Web & Mobile DONT Journal a day magazine ---------------------------------------------------------

Slure Art Space (SAS) would like to express our humble and sincere appreciation to these people who have been helping us out :

Nattapol Rojjanarattanangkool for a very kind support and professional contribution in your graphic design krub.

Yoko Sakamoto, couldn't believe I would use a year to make it true. Thank you for your kind encouragement and a very strong input with meaning in Japanese.

P'Pod Thanachai Ujjin for your kind advices about the sound equipments krub !

P'Pump Pradub, thank you so much for your amazing support and encouragement for the sound equipment krub !

P'Ong Tongpong Chantarangkul, P'Nat Sasidara Boonyarit, Oui Pises Wongsathianchai, Kyo Reading Room for your super support, love, friendship, trust, and respect krub ~

Rockadamy - P'Pat for your perfect heart and being so kind for me always krub ~

Thank you Bangkok Dock for your kind understanding and opportunity !

Thank you Marwin for being there from the beginning, being a great brother, and a part of the most important foundation time although we had gone through tough time ~ really appreciate your kind advices and recommendations

Thank you Teh ! Ver Gallery for yo

SELECO 'The First Seaweed Snack in Thailand' and Capital Trading Co., Ltd. by STC Group for your kind support and committed passion for Society ! Khun Wanlop Pitchpongsa and Veeraon Pitchpongsa for your kind and continuous support always ~

Earng, P'Golf, Paul Abela, (Bridge Art Space) for introducing and helping us for Galleries Night and encouraging always !

Thank you Teh Ver Gallery for your kind advices !

Thank you P’Fahsai, P’Nu, P’Mong, P’Rat for a very warm friendship and kind advices !

Thank you P’Hern Torlarp SEESCAPE for years of friendship and encouragement !

P'Asma (French Embassy) for your very kind support and passion toward what you believe ~

Thank you everyone especially the set up team from Architecture School Chulalongkorn University ! Khim, Mai, Mui, Pop, Perth, everyone !

Thank you Rama 9 Apartment Khun Yai, Mama ~ Khun Kunakorn Tonrudee for your very kind and great support from the beginning krub ~

Thank you P'Jho, P'Kook, for a great support and your kindness always

Thank you Nam's friend Mild, Fon, Parewa, Jean, Pan, Aor, and everyone I don't mention all for your support always in every single movement we have made !

Mr.Pravit Viranuvat & Kanit Viranuvat, Viranuvat Family, my sisters, brother, World L.P.G. Group Co., Ltd., World Terminal Co., Ltd., Patavee Terminal Co., Ltd., World Petroleum Co., Ltd. and everyone in World Group

Thank you Nam - Natcha Viranuvat for your stability, love, and care, understanding, patience, and the little one inside you.

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