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My Last Day in Onomichi

Photography Exhibition by Patavee Viranuvat in Collaboration with Haruna Yamasaki

Curated by Yuli Iwabuchi


“The train is approaching the station, about to arrive and I still have no idea how it is going to be like”

In July 2015, I was invited by friend Mr. Makoto Kunitoki during my visit to his studio in Tokyo. I was very glad seeing him after 5 years. I first met Mr. Kunitoki-san in Sapporo 2010 during the production of my film project in the Hokkaido. The invitation is to join the music event Bruno Musica in Onomichi, without having any idea what it is all about.

In the evening of Tuesday 11 August, 2015, I accidentally had some conversation with Yuli Iwabuchi. Iwabuchi-san is from Kyoto, she had moved to Onomichi for a while. Obviously, she loves the place just like everyone does. We were talking a lot about Onomichi.

Is the place creating the people or people creating the place ?

I might never know but this place really brought my life back again. It might does the same to everyone else. Difficult to believe and not easy to describe, but it’s true. Onomichi really extended my breath, it heated up my frozen heart after years of realizing that dreams and reality cannot co-exist. Walking around Onomichi is like walking in a dream, but it is a dream that truly exists in real life. The metabolism of the whole city, the pace of the people, the mood of the conversation.

As the end is approaching, I couldn’t stop thinking about my last day in this small town. Then I realize it’s not only me who think about this.

The train is again approaching, but it’s moving towards a different direction this time.

Patavee Viranuvat 14 August, 2015 Onomichi Hiroshima, JAPAN


Onomichi, 1992

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