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Sound of Solitude

Sound of Solitude

Sound of Solitude (SOS) is a small sound & visual album composed and produced by Patavee Viranuvat in collaboration with many great and emerging artists and composers like Namtarn Wiriya.

Patavee started his Music career in 2001 after receiving the award from TUMC as a vocalist. He left Thailand for his first journey in 2003 and been traveling around with his natural instinct and unique improvisational style of music composing mostly in Piano.

He met Namtarn Wiriya around 2007 in Mae Hong Son Thailand for his spiritual trip in the North part of Thailand along with his Script Development of Stratosphere which was selected for Produire Au Sud during World Film Festival of Bangkok 2008 Stratosphere was produced by Hassaya Rimphanawet with the great support from Victor Silakong and French Embassy in Thailand.

They first had their collaboration in Pai around 2011 at Kilatetuasudtai Contemporary Art Space.

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ที่มีทั้ง Sound & Visual

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สะสมมาตลอด 16 ปี



ณ​ โลกใบนั้น ที่เรายังรู้สึกกับมันอยู่แบบนั้น

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