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From LCLA to Mycelium, the promise of ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE to generations

Updated: May 30


by Season Mtaniac

a subsidiary of Alternative Universe Co., Ltd.

In Competition * AJC - Showcasing Successful Business Models of Young Entrepreneurs in ASEAN and Japan (January, 2023) -

ASEAN-Japan Centre

1F, Shin Onarimon Bldg.,6-17-19 Shimbashi,Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 Japan


Project Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Strategic Planning Office: Bangkok, Thailand

Project Working Title: Mycelium (Previous name: Lak-La)

Project Description: The Largest Children Library in Asia

Project Size: 1,500 Rai (2.4 SQ. Km2 / 240 Hectare)

Project Cost: Approximately 12 Billion THB (367 Million US Dollars) 

Executive Director

Patavee Viranuvat

Executive Producer

Season Maniac

Projectionist ASIA

Strategic Partners

Nikken Sekkei



Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Prabda Yoon

Win Rojanastien

Panitsa Tunchumrus

"Knowledge is the most valuable asset any human being could have, and the preservation of knowledge for future generations has been one of humankind’s greatest ambitions. 

Japan as a whole is filled with one of the largest populations of senior citizens. Therefore, the initial goal is to invest in children, who undeniably are the faces of the future. 

LCLA an acronym for the Largest Children’s Library in Asia, a project to be built in an area estimated around 1,500 rai (Thai Unit) alongside the famous Moerenuma Park, a large scale children’s playground and park built upon what once was a landfill in Sapporo and sophisticatedly designed by the celebrated landscape architect Isamu Noguchi. 

LCLA is the basin for all creativity. Children indeed are the face of the future, they are the source for innovation, creativity, curiosity, and they are responsible for the world when we are no longer in existence.

LCLA will serve as this open space for innovation. Children can come to explore the immense space, to read books donated from all over the world.

To savor every ice cream flavor offered from across the globe.

A place where they can spend hours learning, playing and most importantly finding themselves amongst countless others.

LCLA is that horizon where the past, people of the previous generations, can connect with the present, people in our generation, and grow alongside the future, those children who will one day shape our world. Integrated with the surrounding Moerenuma park and inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s visionary genius to shape the landscape with all his designs, LCLA will truly be a place that would shape the lives of children, the faces of our future."

Written by Panitsa Tunchumrus

Executive Producer & Executive Director: Patavee Viranuvat

More Info: + 66936949644

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