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Ways of Solitude Exhibition at ASEAN Culture Center, Busan South Korea

Inauguration Exhibition of ASEAN Culture Center

Celebrating the Moment and Unfolding the Life

1st of September - November, 2017

ASEAN Culture Centre, Busan South Korea

Supported by Korea Foundation

Photo Credit: Khun Jue (Not for Commercial purposes)


Patavee Viranuvat

"It’s always about the capability to see and remember.

The first two things I always think of is the past, and the future which is somehow appearing against the practice of Buddhism.

In this work, I would like to illustrate and express on the future as the past is already described on images. This work somehow is very special as I don’t usually exhibit my self-images to public and rather talk about landscape and people.

I always dream of and share with my wife about the ultimate goal to be away from people and this current capitalism, living away, deep within nature. The decline of 35 mm. film format was another tragic transition in my life and within the great loss the sad transition which I called it “painless abortion”, I met my wife.

I always thought about marriage and often attend others, yet never thought about doing one myself. I’m just curious how one could completely share one’s life to the other.

My father doesn’t talk much about his love or even never said once but he shows through life and generations. My mother decided to spend the rest of her life with my father because of only one letter. I travel around the world in order to see others’ way of life; how people live and decide to live together. I have a great curiosity of how people met and why they decide to spend their life together.

I notice that asset has become a part of its culture as life in capitalism requires so much materialistic elements. Is love a part of the asset ? I still doubt.

The studies of infrastructural condition in each country enhance me to be able to scope down the visual landscape of my own future and people in my generations.

‘Wave of Life, in the Ocean of Time’ was given as the title of me and my wife’s wedding although we didn’t put it on any visible materials but that’s how we describe ourselves and use the phrase to communicate to our team.

In our wedding, we had no expectation to mention about our own love life which I personally think it is NOT at all interesting for others. We’d rather try to engage people and remind them of their own love stories."

Patavee Viranuvat

August, 2017


Curator: Juri Cho (Ph.D)

Design History & Cultural Studies Seoul National University, Korea

Artist: Patavee Viranuvat


- Celebrating the Moment and Unfolding the Life

  • Contents: Traditional Wedding Costumes and Ornaments, Cultural Relics and Heritage, Archives, Photo/Films, Art work

  • Organized by Korea Foundation

Exhibition Note: The work is to be in form of Photos Slide along side with Jeon Mong Gak's work (photo archive of Korean family, Pf. Jeon Mong Gak's well known series 'Yunmi's House' ) on the wall.


Overview of the Exhibition

To celebrate the inauguration of ASEAN Culture Center Busan, Korea Foundation will present the special exhibition that anticipate the vision and direction of the new center.

Introducing the magnificent cultural relics and heritages that highlight the traditional and modern “Wedding Culture” of eleven ASEAN countries, the inauguration of ASEAN culture center constitutes the special exhibition entitled <The Marriage: Celebrating the Moment and Unfolding the Life > coordinated through ASEAN networks that aims to advance into the heart of ASEAN history and into the hub of the ASEAN culture.

The key concept of “Marriage” is the overarching theme of ASEAN culture center, which embodies an initiative to forge new links and regularly cooperate with each nation’s art and culture institutions. As Marriage is also an important metaphor for the cultural exchanges and connectivity between different people, race and country as well, the theme would deliver multi layered impacts and understandings on the audiences.

Focusing on the theme, the exhibition will assemble and present radiant wedding collections including the traditional costumes, ornaments and a diverse personal/ collective documentation through a collaboration by ASEAN network. And also, educational programs and various customized public events will be taken place in conjunction with the inauguration of center.

Under this contribution and co-development, the exhibition would be a more interdisciplinary project that surmounts the boundaries delineating genres and national border.

Exhibition Scenarios

From the introductory part “婚_談”, which means the Narratives of marriage, the storytelling will be unfolded through rich history of legend and myth of each country. The diverse types of record on a personal and community level will be presented. The literature, letters, painting, music and films would be the integrated collections.

At the next section, “婚_人” mainly deals with more complicated stories about “human” relationship. Expanding the notion of marriage within wider context, this part would present the diverse portraits of human lives and moments at each step of marriage. As a personal memory of marriage and being a member of family/community after the marriage, the special moments become the collective memories and cultural landscape. The photo images, interview footage and personal objects will be juxtaposed in order to interweave the collective- individual stories. Another issue is the mobility in ASEAN countries throughout the inter-racial/cultural marriage for the past years. Dynamic changes and new cultural phenomena in contemporary ASEAN world will be highlighted together in this section.

The quintessential part, sub-categorized as “婚_禮” mainly deals with the ritual or ceremony of marriage. The main room will be highlighted as a beautiful constellation of wedding costumes and ornaments of each country. In collaboration with researchers and creators in visual arts, the culture- specific relics would create a holistic view as a united landscape.

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