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Palam Palam Tamagno Night x Veerapon Nitiprapha x Hope the Flowers at Neilson Hays Library, Bangkok

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Palam Palam Tamagno Night by Alternative Universe Co., ltd.

at Neilson Hays Library

Friday 24 December, 2021

Full Information coming soon *

Full Credit coming soon *

Photo Credit: Pornnawong Rattanachai

Special Thanks:

Khun Veeraporn Nitiprapha

Khun Nalin Vanasin - President of Neilson Hays Foundation

Khun Hikaru Kuwahara - Embassy of Japan

Khun Hall & Khun Mean - Hope the Flowers

Khun May - Neilson Hays Library Manager & Team

Neilson Hays Foundation Board of Committee

Japan Foundation


About Khun Veeraporn Nitiprapha *

"Veeraporn Nitiprapha (Thai: วีรพร นิติประภา; born August 4, 1962 in Bangkok) is a Thai author of novels and short stories. Her work has been acclaimed for its distinctive lyrical character, often influenced by classical Thai literature, and its subtle reflection on human relationship in modern Asian society and its intersection with current politics. Her first novel Saiduean Ta Bod Nai Khaowongkot (Blind Earthworms in a Labyrinth, ไส้เดือนตาบอดในเขาวงกต) won the prestigious Southeast Asian Writers Award (also known as S.E.A. Write Award) in 2015[1][2] and established her among the leading Southeast Asian writers of her generation. Nitiprapha has published several short stories in magazines, which are noted for their innovative narrative techniques and stylistic richness. Her second novel Phutthasakkarat Asadong Kub Song Jam Khong Song Jam Khong Maew Kularb Dam (The Dusk of Buddhist Era and Memory of Black Rose Cat, พุทธศักราชอัสดงกับทรงจำของทรงจำของแมวกุหลาบดำ) won S.E.A. Write Award in 2018, making her the first woman to win the literary award twice."

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