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Slure Project featured in "Art in ASEAN" article in "Change Magazine" by Diinsider

Thank you "Change Magazine" by Diinsider for featuring "Slure Project" as a space representing Thailand, amongst many other great organizations in the Art Scene in ASEAN.

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"Slure Project" from the Article...

Find a creative space to network and create freely
Slure Project by Alternative Universe is a versatile space for exploration and experiment in Bangkok. The first floor invites the community to casually interact over a cup of coffee. ‘Anti-Gravity Space’ on the second floor is a multifunctional studio which encourages offline interaction, allowing creativity and genuine relationships to flourish.
The fundamentals of Slure Project being an offline space had of course been affected by the pandemic, but there is a silver lining. Although it is very small, the Team gives great significance to strict public safety and hygiene measures while using the food business to support other functions of Slure Project. “In a funny way, Slure Project seemed to foresee the pandemic since its beginning. The space is highly flexible, and the team's mindset had been equipped to deal with 'change' all the time. For example, in its year-and-a-half, our space had become an architectural design competition stage for 'Urban Reimagine’, a secret bar with new friends, a popular workshop space for authors, a lighting illumination experience with TimeOut magazine, a stage for the boys and girls from neighbouring school bands to show-off to the public, and a TEDx stage. We worked out in detail how the space could be utilised and bring out the best in each event, no matter how big or small. Having the courage to face change is when creativity is allowed to happen.”

Special Thanks to Sarulchana (Pam) Viriyataveekul, for such a great conversation and sharing altogether!

More about Change Magazine:

Change Magazine works as a media hub for social innovators and entrepreneurs around the globe. It is a flagship initiative under Diinsider’s Production Program.

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